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palabras del presidente obama y un dÍa en que estados unidos fue llamado a unirse en washington, angie sandoval, telemundo. >> bueno, otro de los momentos interesantes fue cuando el presidente y la primera dama llegaron a una de las galas obviamente estaba espectacular ella en un traje rojo, pasaremos con carmen d. que estuvo recorriendo todas las fiestas de gala adelante carmen con el reporte. >> washington celebrÓ en grande el nuevo mandato del presidente obama con 2 elegantes galas en el centro convenciones de la capital. >> el presidente obama presidiÓ el baile del comandante en jefe en donde honrÓ a los veteranos de guerra. >> allÍ pasÓ a la gala inaugural en donde Él y su esposa michel bailaron muy romÁnticos mientras tanto jennifer hudson cantaba sigamos juntos. >> el presidente vistiÓ un clÁsico smoking, mientras tanto la primera dama luciÓ un vestido de color alcanzÓ el diseÑador despuÉs que la primera dama utilizara una creaciÓn suya en el baile inaugural pasado. >> para este hispano fue decepcionado. >> no solamente por el diseÑo si no porque hubiera escogido
the senate. president obama is going to serve second term that is the message this week in washington, right? at the inauguration and the parade and the fancy dress dances and the obamas showing off at the white house with the dog. but away from washington, outside the beltway, republicans are working fast right now to use their power in the states to make it so that democrats structurally cannot win no matter what. joining us now is donald mckeachen. senator, thank you very much for your time. it's great to have you here. >> thanks for having me, rachel. >> were you surprised by how quickly republicans in your state passed these new maps? did you know this was coming? >> absolutely not, rachel. you know, we asked for a heads up back in november if they were going to do this. and we were sure we would be given the heads-up. in a span of literally 40 minutes, because they limited debate. literally in 40 minutes, they rewrote 40 senate districts without any input from the public, without any input from my side of the aisle. they rammed it down our throats. even though it was daylight outside,
dancing in washington, d.c. the party for president obama's second inauguration is still on. after a day of speeches yesterday and poetry and a parade and three separate presidential dances with the first lady at two different inaugural balls serenaded by jennifer hudson, hey, there she is again. after all of that, the obamas it turned out kept dancing. they danced until 3:00 a.m. at the white house. a big separate party with a bunch of friends. try to imagine george bush and usher in a gangnam style dance-off. try. i cannot quite get there in my mind. maybe it happened. then today the president and mrs. obama surprised, greeted visitors at the white house. not dignitaries, but visitor visitors, people who were on the tour of the white house who got an unexpected chance while they were there not just to see the white house itself, but to shake hands with the people who live this, with the president and the first lady. hey, surprise, your tour includes us. if you watch all the footage of this, actually, you can see that people also got to meet the first dog, bo, who was wearing his portug
intenso frio se apodera de la zona metropolitana de washington. comienzan los trabajos del segundo mandato de barack obama y la reforma migratroria parece estar entre las prioridades. abarrotados los aeropuertos de la capital tras las ceremonias de juramentacion del presidente.en los deportes wiza siguejn sumando victorias...le diremos hola que tal buenas tardes... la region metropolitana de washington esta experimenta ndo bajas temperaturas y podria empeorar.. asi es, en muchos casos, este frio podria ser una amenaza para la salud...medicos recomiendan precaucion y organizaciones se preparan para ayudar a desamparados.. se demoro.. pero llego y con fuerza....hace mas frio afuera que en su propio refrigerado r... "si esta muy helado, no da ganas de salir porque esta demasiado frio" "estamos preparados ahi como podemos estar con cuidado de salir mucho afuera para no tener enfermedades y eso" desde boston a washington, las temperaturas maximas estan en solo en los 20 grados farenheit... y las condiciones podrian empeorar... las rafagas de viento hacen que la sensacion termica baje a
brands with an interest in repeat customers, companies you trust. abc news, washington. >> president obama began the first full workday of the second term with a prayer and song. >> the president and vice president attended the national prayer service at washington national cathedral. it dates back to george washington. >> after the prayer service the president and first lady returned to the white house where they surprised visitors as they toured the executive mansion. they shook hands and did an oceanal fist pump. first dog was on hand milling around. they didn't expect to see the president and first lady. >> the first lady's second inaugural gown will likely be donated to the future obama library. it's being given to national archives for now. the first gown was also designed by wu and donated to the smithsonian. >> up next a high school wrestler gets a huge surprise. amazing video, coming up next. >> plus michelle ob obama let her at toout tud out after a john boehner comment is in the eye roll that is buzzing online. >> a beautiful view of clouds over the bay area. i'll let you
of the president's speech. >> it was great. president obama has learned a lot of lessons about being in washington, d.c. you have to stand up say what you want and fight hard for it. you can't sit back and wait for them to come to you. >> michael: i hear and i agree. i thought it was fantastic speech. >> it wasn't a liberal speech. we'll tax any estates over $1 million. we're going to put a carbon tax on any carbon. we're going to l lalaled drugs ririanfor recreational use. we're going to cut the defense in half and send all those dollars to fund schools. that's a liberal speech. we didn't hear that. >> michael: well, he's not going to say all those things. he's not going to decriminalize heroin. >> good point. it would make things funner there. >> michael: it might. some seem to be on it, actually. the idea, though, that he was going to say those. this is where he said we and cited great victories in the civil rights movement, not just civil rights but stone wall, women's rights and gay rights. >> the right to vote. >> michael: it was a very clever speech. he we have in martin luther king jr.'s s
joined with -- but a man he served in the middle east and is a special assistant to president obama. he currently is a counselor at the washington institute. how weekend is he by these results? >> he is certainly in a different place than he was before the election. this is not going to be a simple negotiation. he faces a reality that there is a very strong, nelson dressed presents reflected in this election, and he has a right wing base of his own, which in many ways is even to the right of where he is, so how does he reconcile that? how does he reconcile what is highly secular and that which is religious? there is the israeli mainstream that makes it very clear even more than the social and economic issues, what they want is to share the burden. this is the idea that everyone in response but -- everyone in israel has to share responsibility. there was resentment for those who do not serve in the military. >> it was about domestic issues. >> it was very much about domestic issues, but i think it is a mistake to think it was only about domestic issues. looking at the back room of the pa
intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ >>> so yesterday i attended president obama's inauguration in washington, d.c., with a million or so other people. it was an amazing moment in american democracy to experience the sights, the sounds of the parade, the balls, the crowds. and all of it live. well, sort of. and that brings me to tonight's number, which is 1.1 million. that's the number of inauguration themed tweets that were sent during yesterday's ceremony. that's an incredible jump from 82,000 tweets that were sent in 2009. not just twitter. this week cnn teamed up with instagram and on sunday and monday we received more than 10,000 photos from people at the inauguration. that's right. people were really busy on their phones during the ceremony. for better or worse, social media has changed the way we experience life. yesterday afternoon as the president of the united states walked to the podium to give his speech, the audience was getting their phones ready to video it. and this moment is what was amazing to me when i was there. when the president and the first lady arrived a
as they enter the second obama administration. first let's look at a time line in the washington post. what the vote sets the stage for. unless congress acts, they will hit the debt limit in its very to late february according to estimates by groups like the bipartisan policy center. william is on our democratic line in texas. what is your advice to republicans? caller: to extend the national data for five years and stop playing party games with the country. if it goes bankrupt, the money overseas, my money, i'm not getting any interest on my money now. it,it's a bankrupt everybody goes,-- the banks, our country, and the world. and we will be back living on the streets like people do in india and in china. that is liberty and freedom, but we don't do that in america. host: that is the democratic perspective. now let's go to a republican in california. caller: good morning, libya. -- libby. that guy is intelligent. i would tell the gop to get the real estate market back on track. i watched a 60 minutes show on how devastated florida was when the shuttle program was taken away and obama suppo
president obama has laid out a broad and ambitious agenda for hisbut signs are scant negotiating with republicans will be any easier for the next four years. on tuesday the inaugural celebration was capped off cathedral in washington. now the president begins a second term - with plenty on his plate. threat of climate change >> reporter: in his inaugural addreess -obama pushed for action on the environment - saying the impact of natural disasters can no longer be ignored. white house press secretary jay carney followed up. >> this is not only an issue of helping our climate and our national security >> reporter: some top republicans appear more focused on spending in washington. >> we should start with that nothing else matters. >> reporter: house republicans are of the debt ceiling - but with a stipulation the senate passes a budget inthe white house says it's ready to work towards something lasting. >> what we support is a long-term raising of the debt ceiling so that we don't have any doubt or uncertainty for businesses the simple proposition that pays its bills >> reporter: a
president obama's policies. also the general talked with jesse watters in washington yesterday. could see how thrilled he was. show you what happened in that meeting. momentntntntnt >> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the impact segment tonight. >> you may remember ms. laura ingraham saying she believes collin powell a republican is acting in concert with the obama white house to support some of the president's positions. miss laura pointed out that powell's raising the race card when mr. obama is criticized. now the general is echoing the obama administration's position on voter i.d. >> the republican party should be a party that says we want everybody to vote and make it easier for people to vote and give them a reason to vote for the party and not find ways to keep them from voting at all. >> in our efforts to protect voting rights and to prevent voting fraud, we will be vigilant and we will be strong. but let me be very clear. we will not allow political pretext to disenfranchise american citizens of their most precious right. >> here now barack and hard place duo moni
obama y la primera dama participaron este martes en el servicio nacional de oracion en la catedral nacional en washington, donde tambien estuvo presente el reverenda gabriel salguero, presidente de la coalicion nacional evangelica latina, que impulsa el tema parece qye estamo1 momento oportuno para reforma migratoria comprehensiva. parece que existe voluntad politica para reforma migratoria integral. creo que los republicanos y democratas conocen que el voto latino es importantisimo. organizaciones hispanas quieren que el presidente mantenga ese compromiso. tenemos grandes esperanzas de que la reforma migratoria salga adelante, no solamente porque el presidente ha sido reelecto pero fue reelecto en base de dar de nuevo el compromiso a esto en responder al votante latino que le ayudo a llegar de nuevo. aunque la casa blanca declino dar fechas, el impulso podria venir en 3 semanas cuando el presidente de al congreso su discurso anual sobre el estado de la nacion. desde washington , fernando pizarro, univision. mas adelante:. tras la toma de posision presidencial, las te
in tte president beginn a second & term - with plentt on his plate.we will responddto the threat of cllmate changein his pnauguraaladdress -obama pushed for action on the impact of natural disasterr & can no longer be ignooed.white hhuse ppess secrrtary jaa carney followwd up. this is not only an ssue of helping &pour cllmatteand envirrnmentt - but a matter of our natiooal -3 securitysome top republicans appear more focused on spending in washington.we should start withhspending nd debt because if we don't get aa handleeon that nothing else republicans are expected tt vote wednesday on a three-monnh extennion of the debt ceiling - but with a stipuuation the senate passes a budget in the next few months.the white houue says it's ready to work towards something lasting.what we support is a long-term raising of the debt ceiling ssothat we don't have any doubt or the global economy about the simple proposition thattthe unitte states always pays its biilsalso on the ppesident's ccmprehensive immigration reform.and nnthe after
story tonight. let's bring in the aforementioned charles krauthammer from washington. charles, i'm getting tired of the petty politics. i don't believe president obama is the problem. we're the problem, the folks. and you say? i think it will be determined by history. your theory, and there are two. that we get the government we deserve, that obama reflects a change political ideology of the country. more people become dependent more people receiving the benefits of government that there is a lot more people who want to suck on the tit of the state. if i can say that oon your show give a little more spice to it. that is europe. the question you are asking, i think, is are we there? i don't think that the 2012 election is a definitive test of your proposition. the reason is obama did not have a opponent who presented a clear and strong argument for reagan knight perspective of stronger government, less taxes, less dependency. you know, romney was a good man but he basically ran on the economy, lousy economy, we need a new ceo in washington. it didn't work. i think we will get a go
do understand that, they will no longer be conservatives. >>> obama land. let's play "hardball." ♪ >>> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. let me start tonight with this. yesterday we discovered the obama doctrine. put simply, it's to continue the american revolution well into the 21st century. defined economic equality for women, full equality all out for gay people. and full political and financial opportunity for people of color. everything about yesterday screamed with this manifesto from the makeup of the crowd to the people in the inaugural platform to the entertainment to the words of the address to the jaunty walks along pennsylvania avenue by barack and michelle and the wild and woolly greetings of vice president joe biden. we're all part of this. they were shouting we're in this together and we're going to act together and we're going to try to open dialogue with those who would be our enemies abroad. we're not looking for another war this time and under this president we're looking for a way to avoid one. because these wars as we've all learned the hard
's excessive, president obama says you're an absolutist. >> it's back to business in washington today. republicans in the house are expected to vote on a plan that would diffuse the debt ceiling crisis. the federal government could keep borrowing money for three months, in exchange house develop members want the senate to pass a budget, something that body has not done since 2009, exactly 1,365 days ago. this time instead of demanding spending cuts, republicans added a provision to the bill that would suspend lawmakers own paychecks if a budget is failed to be passed by april 15th. >> most americans believe if you don't do your job you don't get paid. that's the basis for no budget no pay. it's time for the senate to act. i think the american people understand that you can't continue to spend money that you don't have it's time for us to come to a plan that will, in fact, balance the budget over the next ten years. it's our commitment to the american people. we hope the senate will do their budget as they should have done over the last four years. >> boehner's plan getting a pretty go
. >>> and surprise, even bo obama gets into the act as the first family greets unsuspecting tourists at the white house. with, in fact, a fist bump from the commander in chief. >>> and good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. a busy day here, secretary clinton final facing tough questions from senate republicans about benghazi. >> i'm glad that you're accepting responsibility. i think that ultimately with your leaving you accept the culpability for the worst tragedy since 9/11, and i really mean that. had i been president at the time and i found that you did not read the cables from benghazi, you did not read the cables from ambassador stevens, i would have relieved you from your post. >> well, joining me now for our daily fix, chris cillizza, msnbc contributor and nbc's capitol hill correspondent kelly o'donnell, and david sanger. welcome, all. chris, we've seen these kinds of dramas before. this one was pretty tough. of course, the house side yet to come. how is hillary clinton, do you think, doing in terms of holding her own with a pretty tough brief? >> i think she's done quite well,
a los abuelitos que ven "primer impacto" >> con broche de oro cerrÓ el dÍa el presidente obama tras la juramentaciÓn hablo en su madrugada y ahora se une desde washington para presentarnos estas imÁgenes que todos queremos ver, tony adelante ¿cÓmo te va? >> gracias, es el baile mÁs esperado de anoche ante miles de personas movieron sus caderas y compartieron con grandes artistas. >> asÍ bailaron barack y michelle obama al ritmo de esta canciÓn, minutos antes despuÉs de un prolongado aplauso invitaron a la cantante jennifer hudson, lucÍa de gala y su moderno vestido de cabello y el vice presidente joe biden se unieron a ellos asÍ como 4 militares. >> ¿eres puertorriqueÑo? >> sÍ, estoy feliz de bailar con la esposa del vice presidente, tenemos mucha familia en delaware, nos encontramos con el productor musical del grupo black ip esto nos dijo del presidente obama. >> espero que obama continÚe uniendo amÉrica que sea una sola amÉrica porque estamos sufriendo por tanta divisiÓn eso afecta al futuro y no podÍa dejarlo ir sin interpretar uno de sus Éxitos. ♪ esta noche s
to become citizens and that's up 2% since 2010. president barack obama said immigration is a priority in his second term agenda. >>> and in washington d.c. there is a controversial attempt to fix the key phone pipeline. the president of the sierra club said the club will for the first time in its 120 year history engage in an act of civil disoh speedians to protest the pipeline. -- disobedience to protest the pipeline. it will transport to gulf refineries in the u.s. >>> now they have announced they will open a huge distribution system in san joaquin valley and it will be the first to open since the seattle company started to pay to the treasury in september. they are committed to bringing 10,000 new jobs to california. >>> all right, let's go pack to sal. >>> looking at the freeway it does not look all that bad and as a matter of fact if you are driving around the entire bay area it's not bad of course things may change. traffic here does look good in both directions near the coliseum and also traffic is moving well at the bay bridge toll plaza with no major delays coming through to the cit
the constitutionally required oath of office on sunday. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: the day specified in the 20th amendment. all of this was one big show. >> the secret in washington and in hollywood is it's supposed to all look spontaneous. but trust me, it's not. it's extraordinarily well-choreographed. >> reporter: and whether she lip-synched or not, beyonce may well have stolen the show. ♪ and the home of the brave >> reporter: i'm david wright for "nightline" hollywood. >> lovely. our thanks to david wright, who was, in fact, lip-synching. >>> next up, the royal soldier returning from duty. prince harry opens up about his combat missions, his growing family, and those scandalous photos. [ wind howls ] [ dog barks ] ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] something powerful is coming. ♪ see it on february 3rd. ♪ i had[ designer ]eeling enough of just covering up see it on february 3rd. my moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for
..... as presiddnt barack obama is sworn in for his second terr. on thh streetssoff &pwashington..... any eople are asking.... what happened to the hopp that was the ccntral theme of the pressdent's camppign in 2008. (sot from davv larson)1 01 03 the weather is nice, you figure most people would turnn out but the morale is down, you know.outside washington... the same concerns..... amid a ssow lunch time crowd....(sot) anna eesilantis19 39 53i know phht as a small business owner i am worse off today that i was four years ago.and anna epp chalk it up.... to a cold people are workingg people are - out to lunch.... we have to ggt peopll back to fact, the national unemployment rate in december .....7.8 perrent.the same it was n january of 2009.and while waal ssreet has debt has skyrocketed.....from 2009..... to 16-pointtfoor president's message the first 3 time arouud, was all about hope....((nats of 2009 pnauguration))this time..... it was all about big government.... with no lan for improoing the econony or attacking the debt. ((nnts of 2013 nauguration)) :09i thought this was the ant
weapon that got them to the big game. and the vice presi >>> president obama started his day at church. the first lady and vice president joining the president at the inaugural national prayer service. it's a tradition that dates back to the days of george washington. the interfaith service included prayers and readings from leaders of christian denominations, as well as islam, snu dayism and the sikh coalition. >>> back to work for president and his new congress. mr. obama wasted no time diving into his new agenda. tomorrow house republicans are expected to pass a bill that will allow the government to borrow money to pay its bills for the next few months. and the debt limit deal demands democrats in the senate do something they haven't done in four years: pass a budget. >> the last time the senate has passed a budget, the ipad wasn't even invented yet. >> one of the first items on president obama's to do list is to finalize the next phase of the draw-down of u.s. troops in afghanistan. also on the president's radar, comprehensiv
grandes amigos quedÓ inaugurado el Último cuatrenio de barack obama. >>> la fiesta terminaron pasada la medianoche. de esta forma concluye mi cobertura, en washington, continuamos con "primer impacto." >>> la segunda toma pasara a la historia, y le mostraremos algunos momentos que no tienen nada que ver con el protocolo, una de ellas, quÉ tal. bueno, envenenan a una decena de mascotas y los vecinos estÁn aterrados. y ya regresamos con nuestro invitado especial 3 heridos deja un tiroteo dentro de un colegio comunutario en texas. ===dan a conocer video de la planta de gas, escenario de ataque en argelia. ===venta de casas usadas aumento el aqo pasado. ===.buenas tardes, les habla jorge ramos.===aparte de los heridos, una cuarta persona sufrio un ataque al corazon durante un tiroteo en colegio de houston. al menos una persona esta bajo custodia.===. un video aficionado muestra el regreso de trabajadores a recoger sus pertenencias en una planta de gas natural en argelia donde terroristas mantuvieron a rehenes.===. segun la asociacion nacional de agentes de bienes raices, la venta de casas
house is monitoring that shooting in the houston area. but here in washington, economic issues still top the list of things that need to be addressed. an invigorated president obama joined in a prayer service this morning. and this afternoon, along with the first lady and bo, surprise supporters, a moment captured by the white house and streamed on the web. on monday, resolve, defending entitlements and calling for action on climate change and gay rights, a broad liberal agenda. >> but we reject the belief that america must choose between caring for the generation that built this country and investing in the generation that will build its future. >> reporter: the president, once criticized by his own party's left for caving into republicans, seemed emboldened by his reelection and ready for a fight. >> yesterday's speech at the capitol was not about bipartisanship. it was about the agenda that barack obama, a democrat, the direction he wants to take the country. republicans can come along if they'd like. >> reporter: on the other end of pennsylvania avenue, minority leader mitch mcconnel
tour. which special guest surprised a group of washington tourists. >>> dozens of white house tourists got quite a surprise. they were greeted by the president and first lady. the visitors shook hands, one even hugged the president. mr. obama thanked them for coming. the first family has made the white house more open and the public. >>> the obamas showed up to the inauguration in style. and now people across the country are trying to duplicate the work. the first lady and daughters sported many j. crew. ma malia's plum-colored coat only available in size zero. the first lady's outfit and accessories headed for the national archives. ♪ >>> so was it live or memorex? was she singing or lip-synching? that's beyonce. beyonce chose to use prerecorded music that included vocals. they are in no position to say whether it was live or not. all music used in inaugural events prerecorded in case the live event can't take place. yo-yo ma also used a prerecorded track in 2008. whether she recorded or did it live, an amazing voice. >> we'll be right back. >>> thank you for being with us. that's g
obama's second term began with an inter-faith prayer service at washington's national cathedral. good evening. i'm jeffrey brown. >> ifill: and i'm gwen ifill. on the newshour tonight, what's ahead for the next four years? we explore the vision and the agda laid out in the president's inaugural address. >> brown: then, from tel aviv, margaret warner reports on the israeli elections, as prime minister benjamin netanyahu's party was on track to stay in power by a narrow margin. netanyahu tries to put together, it's sure to include new faces and new agendas that will influence the country. >> ifill: we examine a new study on concussions, showing the impact of hard hits on the brains of living but retired n.f.l. players. >> i go through stages where i think how come i can't remember that and i always wondered are these age-related or are they conclusion related? >> brown: and we mark the 40th anniversary of the "roe v. wade" decision by the supreme court, with a look at the strategies of abortion rights advocates and opponents. that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for
at rice university. and jonathan capeheart, opinion writer for the "washington post" and an msnbc contributor. thank you for joining me tonight. >>> president obama is way more in the mainstream than opponents try to paint him, don't you think? >> oh, without a question. i find him to be a very sen tryst president in many ways. and, look, that inauguration, i thought, it was just an incredible speech. i mean, no, it was not, you know, f.d.r. in the middle of the depression with nothing to fear but fear ilts or lincoln's second inaugural in the civil war. but it's one of the three, four, five, top second inaugurals in u.s. history. it was martin luther king day. he focused on social justice. seneca falls isn't left wing or radical. it's the women's right to vote. that's the majority of americans. it's a way to pay homage. and so i thought it was just an empowering speech and a very inclusive. >> and, as i sat there, doug, listening to him, and then i heard some of the analysis later -- maybe i'm wrong, but i wanted your opinion as a historian before i go to jonathan. i thought he w
administracion obama y que requieren aprobacion del congreso se encuentran el cheqeo universal de record criminal para quienes quieran adquirir armas y la prohibicion de armas semi automaticas. desde el capitolio en washington, fernando pizarro, univision. la cÁmara de representantes controlada por los republicano s, autorizÓ hoy al gobierno federal a exceder el lÍmite legal de la deuda pÚblica durante cuatro meses... esto fue aprobado por 285-votos contra 144... los republicanos habÍan propuesto esta suerte de suspensiÓn hasta el 18 de mayo, que permitirÁ al estado federal funcionar sin atrasos de pagos... el limite de deuda fue alcanzado a fines del aÑo pasado y el departamen to del tesoro habÍa advertido que podrÍa funcionar por debajo de esa cuota hasta fines de febrero o inicios de marzo... en otras notas, una madre salvadorena vive con el dolor de no saber el paradero de su hijo que desaparecio hace 16 anos y hoy hace un llamado especial a nuestra audiencia con la esperanza de encontrar a la victima que actualmente tiene 35 anos... si usted cree que ha visto a amilcar diaz hernand
: with are not worthy for another four years of president obama? despite the political system putting him in office again, white house communications director telling the washington post, listen to this, there's a moment of opportunity now that is important. what's frustrating is that we don't have a political system or an opposition party worthy of the opportunity. wow. with more on this, steven hayes, senior writer for the weekly standard. steven, how can we move forward if the president's press people say stuff like this? >> yeah, that was a remarkable comment. particularly, given the fact it was published on the president's, at least the ceremony yal inauguration day, and the day in which the president addressed the calling for civility and unity. you, i don't think he meant it. it's what we're looking here in washington is this kind of confrontational aggressive liberalism from the president, but you have to ask what did dan mean when he talked about a political system that's not worthy of the president? i mean, does he want the president to be able to make all of these decisions by fiat? by t
and president obama will continue to work on... >> narrator: with a new administration arriving in washington, bankers and their attorneys expected investigations and at least some prosecutions. >> ...$150 billion in mortgage-backed securities. >> smith: was there a sense that there were going to be prosecutions of alleged fraud related to the mortgage crisis? >> i think there was that expectation. i think people had seen the financial crisis. there was obviously a lot of conduct that had gone on that was improper. and i think people were expecting to see some substantial prosecutions. >> the men and women who duped would-be homeowners, who defrauded the american investor, need to be identified, prosecuted, convicted and thrown in jail. >> narrator: in washington, there was broad support for prosecuting wall street. >> i was really upset about what went on on wall street that brought about the financial crisis. not only destroyed the finance... almost destroyed the financial system of the united states, almost destroyed the financial system of the world. that doesn't happen if there isn't som
the credit. i also think the big question for 2016 is who can carry -- who can make the obama coalition the democratic coalition. and if you look at those numbers, the washington post poll, she's high favorability among african-americans, among women, among hispanics, and lower educated voetders. >> do you think she will run the way the george w. bush's father did after a third term fn reagan? >> no. >> her ego -- >> right. but in terms of -- i think that's right. but in terms of the attachment and the enthusiasm of the base of the democratic voters, she has that. >> we're going to jump on it. i think she historically is to the left of jackson, somewhere around humphrey. right in the middle of the democratic party historically. she said we're the indispensable country. none of this pulling back, come home america. >> yes. tough, but one other point. you know what she did? she did concede we made mistax but she also when tested by ron johnson most notably, she did not back down. the liberal base of the party didn't want hillary clinton to go and concede everything on benghazi because the
% in 2010. president obama says comprehensive immigration reform is a priority in his second term agenda. >>> the sierra club is calling for a major protest in washington, d.c. next month against the controversial keystone pipeline. the club is planning a rally around february 17th. the president of the club also says the club will for the first time in its 120-year history engage in an act of civil disobedience to protest the pipeline. they are not providing details of exactly what they are planning to do, they would transport oil. >>> a 22-year-old man is behind bars this morning charged in a campus shooting at a community college near houston. sheriff deputies in harris county, texas say a fight between the suspect and another man ended in gunfire at lone star college yesterday. both men were wounded. a cap vas maintenance man was caught in the crossfire as well. but no one was killed. but the gunshot led to a lockdown and shelter in place for several tense hours. >>> l.a.p.d. police had a seven-hour standoff with a murder suspect. he jumped on the roof of a building. it started befor
its tune. susan mcginnis is in washington with the canned music controversy. good morning, susan. >>> the marine corps band taped all the performances before the event. others feel duped. beyonce took the stage at president obama's inauguration this week and delivered what many called a memorable performance. >> i thought she did an excellent job. she sage really well. she was passionate. i thought it was a moving -- something moving to watch. >> reporter: but now there are reports her singing wasn't what everyone saw. the controversy erupted on tuesday when a spokeswoman for the marine corps band said the singer used a prerecorded voice track instead of singing live. the marines later backed off that statement saying no one in the marine band is in a position to say whether it was live or recorded. sources tell cbs news beyonce did sing and her mike was hot but she was matching her voice to a prerecorded track. it's not uncommon to prerecord inaugural music in case there's bad weather or unexpected circumstances but the temperatures were mild on inaugu
, but it does require us to act in our time. >> millions of americans, of course, watched president obama lay out his vision for the country yesterday. keeping them honest, though, even as he spoke, another big washington power player was gearing up to advance its agenda. not lawmakers, judges or journalists. gearing up for battle to block bill os are change them usurp loop holes or widen them. you might like some of what they're doing but chances are you won't be pleased about this. a congresswoman who just got re-elected but is leaving already taking what she learned in congress to get paid big dollars, leaving the people who elected her, basically high and dry. drew griffin is keeping them honest. >> reporter: she may be the perfect example of what washington critics call the revolving door syndrome. congresswoman in drew griffin with cnn. which could explain why all we got from congresswoman joann emerson was the slam-door treatment. the southeast missouri republican is quitting congress. not because she lost. in fact, she just won her last election to her tenth term by a landslide. she's
applied. now we know that the "washington post" just reported over the weekend that there's a secret playbook that's being developed by the obama administration, but from that playbook, the c.i.a. program in pakistan, which is the biggest player in this whole thing, is entirely exempt. so you have a secret playbook on what the rules are, but the rules don't apply to the biggest player. to say "we follow the rule of law, "when we don't even know what the rules are, and the rules don't apply to the biggest player is a little bit of a joke, i guess. >> brown: what do you think about the legal issue here? >> well, the legal issue in part hinges on the 2001 thanks, of the use of military force. it's worth noting both republican and democrat attorneys general since the bush administration into the obama administration have argued that it is legal in terms of self-defense purposes to target individuals actively threatening the united states. and-- >> brown: in other countries. >> in other countries. >> brown: without declared wars. >> yes-- well, that's part of the issue here. we have an on
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